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Casinos on are rated using the unique mix of a thorough independent testing and user experiences and testimonials. By doing this, we strive to provide the most complete online casino guide possible, ensuring only good and reputable online casinos will have their place here, while all “bad apples” who cheat their customers and don’t treat them right are ostracized and called out.

On top of all this, we also work tirelessly on providing our users with special bonus deals and exclusive casino promo codes to boost your playing experience.

Why should you trust Casino Cowboy? 4 simple but convincing reasons for the online casino comparison from Casino Cowboy

1. Independent & Fair: We are casino-independent and can form a fair opinion.
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3. Exclusive Bonus for Users: Users get exclusive bonus offers for their support.
4. Comprehensive Strategy Section: Beginners can learn more about profitable Strategies.
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Online Casino Guide Casino Comparison: How are Casinos Rated?

There are many factors that come into play when we are rating an online casino UK. Our online casino comparison section has been created after thorough testing of things like available bonuses and other promotions, the support they provide, withdrawal times, as well as the overall reputation. No stone was left unturned and no questions left unanswered. We made sure that the final review tells the real story and that no online casino scam slipped through the cracks.

Comparing all these various factors across multiple platforms in our online casino guide, we’ve come up with our choice of Top 3 Casinos. These operators are trustworthy, treat their customers right, have a great selection of games, and meet all the necessary requirements to earn their spot in the Top 3.

1. Place
Up to £1500 welcome package 888 Casino Bonus Code
97 / 100
  • In Operation Since 1997
  • Known and Trusted Brand
  • Multiple Software Providers
Review To Provider
2. Place
320% up to £160 32 Red Casino Bonus Code
93 / 100
  • Sports, Bingo and Poker
  • Over 550 Casino Games
  • Download and Browser Play Options
Review To Provider

News and Promotions Staying in the Loop Regarding Online Casino UK

The world of online casino UK is a very dynamic one. Things are always changing on all fronts. Casinos come out with new promotions to replace the old ones, new casinos open up and the old ones stop operating. In addition to this, there are always different judicial developments, as laws are being passed regulating online gambling in terms of availability, taxation, and more.

We want our users to stay informed and that’s why we keep track of all relevant developments and bring them to you in our News and Promotions section. By visiting Casinocowboy regularly, you will be certain to never miss an important development in the gambling industry.

Casino Test 10 Criteria For...

When rating an operator for our online casino guide, we look at 10 distinct criteria to create an overall picture. From software design and usability to customer support, withdrawal methods, and even additional offers, we try to cover as much ground as possible before passing our judgment. All the relevant criteria are brought together and only then is our final mark fully formed.

  • 1. CASINO BONUS What kind of promotions are available to new and existing players and how valuable these promotions really are?
  • 2. CASINO ENVIRONMENT Analyzing the casino platform as a whole, in terms of usability, design, and performance.
  • 3. GAME SELECTION What kind of games are offered by the casino: is there the required versatility in the operator's offer?
  • 4. DEVICES AND APPS What kind of software and hardware platforms is casino available on: PCs, Mac computers, mobile devices from different manufacturers?
  • 5. CUSTOMER SERVICE How are players' requested treated and resolved; does the support answer promptly and offer helpful advice?
  • 6. DEPOSITS- & PAYOUTS What kind of banking methods are available and how long do players have to wait for withdrawals?
  • 7. SCURITY & LICENSING What kind of security measures are used by the casino and under what license(s) do they offer their services?
  • 8. LIMITS & PAYOUT MARGINS What are the highest and lowest game limits available and what are the payout margins like? Have they been independently verified?
  • 9. VIP PROGRAM What kind of perks do regular players can expect to receive and how much is the program really worth?
  • 10. ADDITIONAL OFFERS What other games does the operator offer besides the casino games, e.g. online poker, sports betting, online bingo.

CasinoCowboy Awards Online Casino Forum at Work

Our awards section is the special place where award winning casinos are put on display. There are, in total, 12 awards, which are given out based on user votes. Casinocowboy members make up a special online casino forum and your active participation in the community is required for this site to fulfill its mission. The best online casino award, for example, can only be given out based on our detailed review and user votes confirming our opinion. If there is a discord, user votes will always prevail.

These user ratings are of the utmost importance for the integrity of the site and our vision. We want to base our recommendations on real life experiences, not marketing pitches from the operators. Because things are always in the state of flux, new award winners are chosen every year, so no casino can claim the throne and stay there regardless of what happens later.

0 Votes
888 Casino Logo
Best UK Online Casino 2018
Which is the best Casino overall? Here you find the vendor which our users has voted to the top.
To Award To Provider
0 Votes
Mr. Green Casino Logo
Best Mobile Casino 2018
Apps for iOS, Android and Blackberry allow playing to go. Here you find out which is the best Mobile Casino.
To Award To Provider
0 Votes
777 Casino Logo
Best Online Casino Bonuses 2018
On the search of the best online casino the bonus has a tremendous importance - so which casino offers the best bonus?
To Award To Provider

Games & Slots of the most popular online casinos

We reviewed in detail some of the best known casino games and onlineslots to provide you with the full, detailed analysis of payback percentages, game rules, and the optimal strategic approaches. Additionally, we compiled an online casino guide outlining who is offering these slots to players.

Some of the reviewed slots include the all-time classics like Mega Fortune and Piggy Riches, as well as some games featuring modern pop culture references like Iron Man 2 and Aliens. All these and many other slots have been taken a part to the minutest details and we examined every important aspect, from the number of lines available to different features and bonus games that can be triggered during game-play.

The Best Strategies From your Online Casino Guide

Our strategy section contains a great number of really detailed and useful guides covering all popular variations of games, from slots to online blackjack, roulette, and even online bingo. We tried to think outside the box and give Casinocowboy users some insightful tips not available elsewhere, all in an effort to improve your overall playing experience and boost those bankrolls.

Continuing our online casino UK forum philosophy, we provide our users with an opportunity to share their own strategy suggestions, tips, and tricks. This advice can be based on something you’ve picked up from someone else or something you’ve learned from the personal experience. Whatever the case may be, all your insights are always welcome and highly appreciated by us and other site users who will, no doubt, be grateful for these free tips.

18 8
One of the biggest advantages to playing online slots is the ability to switch between numerous casinos quickly and take advantage of as many generous bonus offer
13 3
The game of Blackjack is the most popular game in both online and land-based casinos outside of slots for a number of reasons. At its most basic level, Blackjack
11 2
Ever since the game of Roulette was first introduced to the world over two hundred years ago, players have been trying to come up with different systems to try an
To Strategy Overview

Online Casino Forum: Voice of the Community

As we keep mentioning, we at Casinocowboy rely heavily on our users. That’s why our members section represents the very core of the site. Here, user comments are displayed, as well as the ratings they gave to particular casinos. Additionally, most successful members are highlighted so that everyone can see their contribution to the site.

We need our users to be active because that’s the best way to prevent online casino scam attempts and stop any wannabe scammers before they pick up speed and make any serious damage. On the other hand, user input help others easily recognize reputable online casinos and gives them an opportunity to only trust their money to those operators who deserve that trust. Only through this cooperation and joint efforts of everyone involved we can hope to make the casino world safer.

The most important information in focus

Tipps and Experience mit anderen austauschen
Collect Points get the highest score
Support for Problem with Casinos

Casino comparison

Which Casino is the best?

Our online casino guide section contains a great number of casinos rated based on the earlier mentioned criteria. We looked into everything, from bonus offers to software, game selection, and support. Only casinos that outperformed in nearly all of these categories were given a high rating.

We don’t tolerate the casinos that only go half way. They can dazzle with their game selection, for example, but if their customer support or withdrawal speeds are lacking, then they can never be ranked as one of the top operators. With such a wide selection available, players should never except anything other than excellence in almost all areas.

Bonus comparison

Where you get the best bonus

The casino bonus comparison section contains selection of some of the best and most valuable currently available casino bonuses on the market. Of course, we went much beyond the numbers marketed by the casinos and tried to determine the true value of different bonus offers.

To determine this, we looked into things like playthrough requirements, restrictions that come with accepting the bonus, as well as how clearly the bonus terms were stipulated. Those casinos that offered unclear and poorly defined bonuses did not make the cut. Players should always have an access to full information about what they may and may not do with the bonus money.

1. Place
Gala Casino 100% up to £400
T&Cs Apply, 18+
10,0 / 10
More Info Show Bonuscode: Redeem Bonus
2. Place
888 Casino Up to £1500 welcome package
T&Cs Apply, 18+
10,0 / 10
More Info Show Bonuscode: Welcome1 Redeem Bonus
3. Place
Thrills Casino 100% up to £100 + Extra Spins
T&Cs Apply, 18+
9,0 / 10
More Info Show Bonuscode: No Code Required Redeem Bonus
4. Place
pots of luck casino 100% up to £200
T&Cs Apply, 18+
9,0 / 10
More Info Show Bonuscode: Redeem Bonus
5. Place
777 Casino 100% up to £200
T&Cs Apply, 18+
9,0 / 10
More Info Show Bonuscode: WELCOME777 Redeem Bonus


The judgments are made here

Our awards section relies heavily on the online casino forum. Casinocowboy users are the ones who give out all the rewards through their votes and once the voting is complete, awards are given out to the respective casinos. This section of the site is one of the best indicators what we are all about: transparency and user opinion.

There is a total of 12 award categories and users are allowed and encouraged to vote for their favorite in all of these categories. The winners get to hold their titles for a period of one year, during which period users cast their new votes. After one year expires, votes are counted again and awards are given out anew.

Best Casino 2019
Best Bonus 2019
Best Support 2019
Best Website 2019
Best Offer 2019


Which game is right for you?

The games / slots section contains descriptions and details about some of the most popular casino games and online slots out there. We’ve picked up some of the player favorites as well as some of the all-time classic and reviewed them carefully to provide our members with very detailed and carefully crafted guides for these games.

Whether you are interested in finding out specific payout percentages for a game or getting information about symbol values and bonus features of a particular slot, you will find this and much more info in this section. We wanted this particular part of the site to really stand out and provide you with the kind of detail not available anywhere else on the web.

Black JackBlack Jack
Video PokerVideo Poker


Roulette, Blackjack, Craps & more

The live dealer section contains information about best the best casinos offering live online games, like live online roulette, blackjack, or baccarat. With more and more operators starting to integrate live games as a part of their offer, we felt it necessary to devote a part of our site to this particular phenomenon.

You will not only find the information about where you can play but also about special live casino bonuses, what kind of games are offered by different operators, as well as our impressions about the overall atmosphere and software functionality. Players who enjoy playing in a live online casino will find a wealth of useful information here.


No profit without a sophisticated strategy

Another section that we put a lot of work into to provide our members with the latest, most effective, and best available casino strategies for different games. Whether you need some useful tips for slots, roulette, or even bingo, we have extensive articles covering all these topics from a strategic point of view.

We went above and beyond looking to find some practical strategies even for the games for which some claims no useful strategies can be found. However, this is not a section which is set in stone, as we expect valuable input from our members who, no doubt, have an idea or two of their own to share.

Guide - Wiki

The most important information about gambling at a glance

This part of the site is devoted to different interesting and useful tidbits from the online casino industry. You will find many interesting facts, ideas, and beliefs in this section. This online casino guide section rounds up our online casino guide nicely, as it adds another dimension to the site and provides even more free information for the user.

The Wiki part is not about learning strategies or finding bonuses per se. It is more about general online casino stuff that can either be of use to players in different areas or some trivia information that doesn’t necessarily have to be “useful” from the monetary point of view, but it is interesting nonetheless.


on the Topic of the Casinos

Which licenses should I trust?

Licensing probably tells more about a casino than anything else. A solid, reliable, and trustworthy license is a good indicator that players are dealing with a serious operator who runs the business the way it is supposed, However, how can you know what licenses are reliable when there are so many out there?

The license issued by the UK Gambling Commission is one of the most trustworthy ones that exist these days. Unlike the small countries that make their living off of issuing casino licenses, the UK licenses are only issued to online casinos that are able to prove they are running a legitimate and trustworthy operation. Other than the UK license, the license issued by the Malta Gaming Authority are usually solid.

Apart from these licenses, you should always try to find out if a casino has been independently verified by eCogra. This is an independent approved testing agency that makes sure games offered by the casinos are fair and up to the standards. Casinos displaying eCogra seal of approval are usually reliable.

Game OfferGame Offer

Can I be signed up at multiple operators?

Online casino players, especially those new to playing online, are often confused and uncertain how many online casino accounts are they allowed to have. The answer is: as many as you like, as long as they are created with different operators.

One player is usually only allowed one account per casino, barring some extraordinary circumstances, but there are no restrictions on making as many online casino accounts as you like with different casinos.

That said, some casinos are part of the same networks and sometimes you will not be allowed to participate in certain promotional offers on more than one casino within the network. For example, if more casinos on the same network are offering 100% reload bonus, you might only be eligible to accept this bonus on one casino.

1. Place
10 / 10
Gala Casino: 100% up to £400 T&Cs Apply, 18+
  • Bonus Type: Deposit Bonus, Free Spins
  • Up to: 400 £
  • Cashable: No
  • Requirement:
  • Except:
  • Additional Bonus: No

Is my personal info safe with a casino?

One of the biggest concerns players have about playing at online casinos is the safety of their private information. Most casinos require players to send in their photo ID and a proof of residence to activate their accounts and it is only natural that some players are concerned about safety of these documents.

You can rest assured that, as long as you are dealing with a serious and trustworthy casino operator, your private information will be kept safely and discretely. Big online casinos do have to keep their reputation and also stand to lose a lot by breaching trust of their customers (including serious legal complications), so they would never allow for your information to get to wrong hands.

The only time when you need to be concerned about your documents is when dealing with rouge casinos whose reputation is dubious or hasn’t been verified. The best solution to this dilemma is staying away from such casinos and only playing with reputable operators.

Are online casino games rigged?

When a player goes on a bad streak of luck, it may seem to him that the games have been rigged by the casino, making sure they lose their money. However, this couldn’t be further from truth if we are talking about legitimate, fully licensed operators.

Despite what some people may believe, casinos licensed with those licenses mentioned in the first question are subject to some very thorough testing and their games are regularly checked for fairness and integrity. Should any irregularities ever be discovered, the casino would stand to lose their license, their customers, and could potentially be facing a lawsuit.

The fact is, casinos have no reason to rig their games as they are already guaranteed to win thanks to the inherent edge present in nearly all casino games. Odds are in their favors and they are in no rush. Thus, only rogue casinos who are in it for the cash grab would risk rigging the games.

What is the best casino game?

There isn’t the single best casino game that would be right for everyone. Some casino games offer better odds than the others, but at the end of the day, it is all really close. The only casino game that can actually be beaten is live blackjack if you are a really great card counter, although these days the casinos have pretty much put a stop to that as well.

So, simply put, the best casino game is the one you enjoy playing the most or, possibly, the one where you are given a really great bonus. In a vacuum, they are all very close, although there are certain slots out there with a payback rate of 99%. If you could locate one of these, than that would probably be the most profitable game to play as the house edge in all games is significantly bigger than 1%.

1. Place
97 / 100

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