Casino guide - tips, tricks and strategies

Every casino gamer wants to win, but not everyone knows the best strategies for doing so. So for anybody who is looking for casino tips and tricks, we have gone to the trouble of testing the best long-term gaming systems. And we’ve put the best casino tricks together on our website, along with detailed strategy instructions to help you get a winning result.


Winner Casino App » Winner Casino Mobile | Full Review
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Winner Casino App » Winner Casino Mobile | Full Review

First breaking into the online gambling market just 7 short years ago, Winner Casino has made a huge impact on the industry, with its all in one gambling platform that includes sports betting, casino, poker and bingo. Today, Winner is one of the most...

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William Hill Mobile Casino: William Hill Mobile App | Full Review

Of all the UK based gambling companies, William Hill is one of the most respected, owing greatly to their long-standing tradition, dating all the way back to 1934, when the first William Hill betting shops were established. The famous gambling operat...

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William Hill Live Casino: William Hill Casino Live | Full Review
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William Hill Live Casino: William Hill Casino Live | Full Review

William Hill Casino is one of the most renowned and trusted gambling brands in the United Kingdom and one of the things that makes the casino so awesome is certainly their Live Casino option. At William Hill Live Casino you can play casino table game...

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William Hill Casino Club: William Hill VIP Club | Full Review
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William Hill Casino Club: William Hill VIP Club | Full Review

Being one of the most prestigious UK based gambling companies, William Hill is one that most players will want to join at one time or another. For all their players, William Hill Casino have prepared a very generous batch of bonuses and rewards, incl...

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Pink Casino Mobile | Full Review
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Pink Casino Mobile | Full Review

With such a vast number of online casinos available on the internet today, it may be difficult to distinguish between them as most seem very much like the others. Pink Casino does not fall into that category however, as there is one major thing separ...

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Mr. Green Mobile Casino: MrGreen Mobile App | Full Review
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Mr. Green Mobile Casino: MrGreen Mobile App | Full Review

Mr Green is certainly one of the more interesting online casinos out there. With a very unique design, generous promotions and even a couple of 100% exclusive games, the casino stands out in a crowd of casinos that all appear to be just clones of one...

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Can you always win at an online casino?

Unfortunately no tips or tricks will guarantee a win at a gaming website. This is a point that must be made before you visit any online casino site. Good luck and bad luck exist side by side in the gambling realm, and if customers always won, then all casino sites would surely go out of business. This is why casinos will always give themselves a bank advantage to ensure that they can keep operating.

Slot machines usually tilt the balance towards the casinos by between four and six percent. Conversely, they usually return between 94 and 96 percent of the stakes to the customer as a profit. Therefore, the majority of players will lose, whilst a few lucky winners will reap the big returns.

However, the slots games in online casinos are much more lucrative than you’ll find at traditional land-based casinos where players have to make do with a payout rate of 50 percent. But bear in mind that roulette and blackjack have the same odds of winning due to strictly enforced mathematical rules.

The different game categories

All casino tips vary according to what kind of game you are playing. The tricks for slots games are very different for table and card games, and so we need to make a distinction between the types of games that you can find at online casinos.


Most online casinos have way more slots games than other types of game. Slots games vary between classic retro slots and new video slots. Classic slots games are usually played on a few fixed paylines, and apart from new innovations like Merkur’s risk ladder or Novoline’s card risk, they rarely include any special features.

However, video slots games can include anything up to 300 paylines and the user can choose to vary the settings of each game. The slots are mostly scattered and wild, and you can also look forward to free spins and bonus rounds. Look out for progressive jackpots that often feature prize winnings of several million pounds. And unfortunately there is no trick to beat the slots, as the gameplay is all based on pure luck.

Table and card games

Most casino gaming websites will include a section that features roulette and blackjack options. These are possibly the most popular casino games of all-time as a result of the strategies that can be used to improve a gamer’s chances of winning. Each time that you play these table or card games, you’ll find that there are numerous factors of playing behaviour that can influence the outcome. For example, all blackjack players will know that you can really put the bank under pressure by splitting, doubling or exiting.

Video poker games

Video poker options like Jacks or Better, All American and Deuces Wild often have some of the highest payout rates in any online casino. You won’t need any special tips or tricks to succeed on these games, and playing video poker is one of the quickest and best ways to get some decent winnings through luck alone.

Other games

There are plenty more tips and tricks for lesser-seen games like bingo, keno and even virtual sports. So whilst these games are deceptively simple, they have also become extremely popular for their occasionally lucrative payouts.

The best online casino tricks at a glance

We’ve split our online casino guides into relevant game sections so that you can quickly find exactly what you’re looking for. Take a look below to find information on everything you need to know about the world of gambling.

The best roulette tips and tricks

There are many gambling tips for the classic game of roulette. And whilst nobody can predict where the ball will land, you can still play wisely to generate long-term consistent profits. So we’ve tested the following roulette tips and tricks for you.

  • Trend strategy
  • Paroli strategy
  • Oscar’s Grind strategy
  • Labouchère strategy
  • Fibonacci strategy
  • Parlay strategy
  • d’Alembert strategy

The best blackjack tips and tricks

Just like poker, games of blackjack can easily be influenced through a little strategic know-how. Knowing the rules, concentrating on the game, and making the right decisions are all essential for beating your competitors. This is why all serious blackjack players put in plenty of effort into knowing the rules of the game inside-out. And this refers to the specific rules at certain tables as not every game of blackjack is played the same.

Card counting is frowned upon in traditional casinos, but it is quite useful in the online domain and there are several counting systems that can help you out. And just like roulette, some blackjack strategies also require a little mathematical know-how. So it’s essential that you pay attention to fixed patterns when you are playing blackjack so that you instinctively know when to split.

Online casino slots tricks

The slots line strategy is the tip that we’d be most keen to recommend. This gives the user the option to adjust the paylines so that they can keep the bet very low and increase the profit opportunities by making the most of the full payline. This is connected with a defensive slot deployment strategy, but if you’re feeling lucky, then the slots jackpot strategy can lead to some spectacular winnings. However, you should be cautious about using this, as the general payout of jackpot slots is usually a little below average.

Using bonus programs for your casino gaming

Bonus programs give gamers another great way to boost their profits. As long as the terms and conditions of the bonus are fair, you should always take any casino bonus. This will often give you extra capital so that you can use your casino tips over a longer period, and even convert the bonus into real money.

Pay attention to no-risk bonuses that include no-deposit bonuses and free spins deals, as these can be simply used regardless of what casino gaming strategy you employ.

All casino brands will put on different varieties of bonus promotions. For example, 888Casino provide special offers for their loyal customers every day to help them make the most of their casino gaming.

Why money management is so important

Whilst it isn’t exactly a trick, there’s nothing like some careful money management for helping you to enjoy gaming successfully. You will only be consistently lucky if you observe the basic rules of defensive money management.

Your starting capital should always correspond to your own financial circumstances, so never play with money that you need for regular household bills. By having a safe and dependable bankroll you will never fall into the trap of playing rashly. Anybody who plays under pressure to win will often make mistakes, so be sure to keep your gaming fun for the best chance of getting some decent winnings.

You should only play with small amounts in relation to your overall bankroll. So that if you were playing slots games, the amount of each wager should be less than one percent of the overall account balance. But for table and card games, you can often afford to be a little more risky.

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