Find a Room with Fewer Players Strategy Bingo: Best Tips & Tricks for this System

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Online bingo is specific and different from most other casino games in that it is played against other players rather than against the house. Although bingo balls are produced by an RNG (Random Number Generator) in the online setting, but the ultimate goal of the game is filling up your card before other players playing. That’s why find a room with fewer players strategy can be very effective way of increasing your win rate. The philosophy behind this system is very simple: fewer the players, better the odds you will end up filling up one of your cards before the others. When combined with some other bingo strategies, smart application of this approach can end up netting you a decent return on your bingo playing efforts.

Find a Room with Fewer Players Strategy Takeaways

  • The first step in this strategy is locating the rooms with few players but good promo offers.
  • Register an account with the room and take advantage of their welcome offers.
  • Get involved in the games with added prizes for the maximum edge.
  • This strategy works best when combined with other systems, like play as many cards system.
  • The fun element of the game is reduced due to increased waiting times and games that don’t provide as much interaction.

Strategy Basics

Of the Bingo Fewer Players Strategy

Find a Room with Fewer Players Strategy: Avoiding the Competition

More isn’t necessarily better in all life situations and bingo is certainly one case where this idea is not applicable. Ideally, you would play on your own and every single time. Of course, this notion sounds ridiculous and it would be boring from the playing perspective, but purely from the monetary point of view, you would end up winning the main prize every single time.

In real-life scenarios, you will never find a room where you play alone and keep winning in every game you play, but there are numerous smaller rooms where competition is not that big. These places are perfect to put find a room with fewer players system to the test. Combined with the play as many cards as you can strategy, it’s a winning combo.

Find a Room with Fewer Players Strategy Basics: How to Start

Locating a room that has smaller player numbers but still offers decent bingo games can be a bit of a bother. As usually, you can always start with our online casino comparison and work your way from there. These detailed casino guides should provide you with a complete picture about the operators, including the status of their bingo game offering.

Other tips & tricks you can use to find such rooms include finding newly opened places. When a room first goes live, unless they launched a massive marketing campaign prior to the launch, they will usually be flying a bit under the radar. There won’t be many players joining the games and most new rooms usually feature very decent promotions you can take advantage of.

Once you’ve located the room that fits the bill, the procedure is very straightforward. Create your account and take advantage of their welcome bonus or free bingo money, if available. You are ready to start playing and, hopefully, winning. What you should pay special attention to are games with money added to the prize pool, as these will further increase your odds of winning from a purely mathematical point of view.

fewer bingo players strategy
Look for a Bingo Room With Fewer Players

Find a Room with Fewer Players Strategy

Explained by Example

If this concept seems a bit abstract to you, don’t worry. People are generally very skeptical about online bingo strategies, so they find it hard to believe that there are systems out there that could actually improve their chances. Of course, one of the reasons why is because most players want bingo tips & tricks served to them on a silver platter without having to put in any work.

That’s now how it works with online bingo, though. For this strategy, for example, you first need to find a room that has fewer players and a nice game offering and then locate the special games with added prizes. These promotional games are losing proposition for the house, speaking purely short-term, but they are a part of their marketing strategy. Whether it works for them or not is none of your concern: all you need to know is these games increase your chances of winning, especially when combined with find a room with fewer players strategy.

For example, there are 20 players buying into a bingo game. Let’s say, for simplicity sake, that the total fund would be £20 in this case and it is the winner takes all game (no payments for rows, lines, and such).

In these conditions, it would be a zero-sum game. In the long run, you would neither win nor lose money. However, let’s say the room now introduces extra £20 to the prize pool as a promotion. All of a sudden, there is £40 on the line and nothing changed. The price of the card did not change and the prize pool doubled. Hence, your odds just went through the roof. If you combine this system with the play as many cards strategy, you can put yourself in a great spot to win some money.


  • Find a room with fewer players or a new room with great promos.
  • Look for games with added prizes or jackpots
  • Join these games to increase your odds of winning greatly.
  • Combine this strategy with other bingo strategies to further boost your bankroll

Find a Room with Fewer Players System

Pros & Cons

Advantages of find a room with fewer players strategy are truly numerous. You will definitely put yourself in a spot where you will be winning much more often and, using additional promos, your win rates will increase.

When combining this system with free money gained from bonuses found in our casino bonus comparison, you will see a number of new options opening up to you. Players often overlook the possibilities provided by the free money added by the room, so they will usually fail to adjust their playing habits and will not take advantage of opportunities provided by buying additional cards.

Considering the other side of the coin, rooms with fewer players can sometimes be a bit slow. Finding a game and waiting for it to begin can be somewhat of a pain, so it might not be a good idea for those lacking patience.

Another thing one must ask himself is: why does this room have these few players? If it is a new room, the reason is evident, but if the online bingo room has been available for a couple of years or more, low player numbers can usually be an indication that not everything is on an up and up. Perhaps their payouts are slow or their bonus conditions are not explained clearly and lead to players’ funds being locked for prolonged periods of time.

Thus, when figuring out the place where you can apply find a room with fewer players strategy, you need to have all these things in mind. Before you decide to make a deposit somewhere, always make sure the place is fair, honest, and reputable, be it a big online casino or just a small bingo room.


  • Winning more often by increasing your odds.

  • Your average wins will go up through participation in free money-added games.

  • This strategy can be combined with other bingo strategies to make it even more effective.


  • Waiting time for games can be longer on rooms hosting fewer players.

  • Unless the room is brand new, there is often a reason why there aren’t more players, and it is usually a bad thing.

  • Sometimes it can be hard to get to the bottom of the issue and figure out if the room is legit and simply not as famous, or players don’t like playing there because they are not treated fairly.

Chances and Risks

Why Use This Strategy?

For whom is that strategy suitable?

The find a room with fewer players system is probably best suited for players with some decent online bingo experience under their belts. For new players, using this system can be quite frustrating as they will not get to enjoy playing as much as they would otherwise. This strategy is primarily about making money from online bingo and the emphasis is shifted away from having fun. It is all about game selection, patience, and making mathematically feasible decisions.




How high is the risk?

One of the biggest risks involved with the application of this strategy is the fact that you will sometimes have to put your trust in rooms that don’t really seem all that trustworthy. Whenever there is an operator that attracts only a few players, you can never be certain about the reason. Doing some extensive research and asking around a community such as Casinocowboy can help significantly reduce the risk, but you can never completely remove it. If you play in a small room, you are almost always at a bigger risk than with an established, reputable operator.

52% The risk is

Are wins guaranteed?

To create the proper balance, this strategy will increase your chances of winning significantly, especially if properly combined with other strategies. If you can select your games well, play against a low number of other players, and figure out the number of cards you should buy to maximize your chances of winning without overreaching, you can actually put yourself in the spot where online bingo becomes a profitable activity. The negative part is that you will have to sacrifice some fun that usually comes with the game, but that’s who the cookie crumbles.


Is Find a Room with Fewer Players Strategy Worth It?

As we’ve mentioned, proper application of this strategy can be a rather tedious activity, as it will require a lot of work on the player’s part: finding the rooms, checking them out, asking around to see if they are legit, etc. On top of that, you will also have to arm yourself with patience, as waiting time on smaller rooms can be somewhat annoying.

On the other hand, when applied properly this strategy is almost guaranteed to increase your winning odds. Combined with some other strategies as well as bingo tips & tricks, you can utilize this approach to start winning more almost instantaneously. The downside is you will have to sacrifice some fun and online bingo wins are usually not that big in the first place.

Basically, if your primary concern is winning, then this system is a great one, but you need to accept the fact that the fun element will simply be reduced.


  • Find a room with fewer players strategy requires a lot of work from the player.

  • Locating rooms and figuring out if they are legit can be a tedious task.

  • The strategy is almost guaranteed to increase your bingo win rates.

  • The biggest downside is that utilizing this system reduces fun involved with playing the game.


  • Find less frequented bingo rooms to increase your chances

  • In combination with a Casino Bonus you can gain the maximum

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