General Terms of Use and Community Rules


The following terms and conditions apply to the use of the Community. An active participation in, as well as access to certain content, is only possible if you accept the general terms of use and community rules as well as the data protection declaration in the course of the necessary registration (hereinafter referred to as "users").


(1) To use all features of, registration is required via the online form. After this has been done, the user is sent a verification email to the specified e-mail address. The verification email contains an activation link, which must be clicked to confirm the registration. By clicking on the activation link the user declares that he has taken note of the general terms of use and community rules and accepts them. Once the registration is accepted by the operator of, the Community Usage Agreement (free of charge) is concluded.

(2) Subject of this contract is the use of all functions, which are available only to registered members (free account). The user can visit through various online casino providers (as well as their current advertising campaigns), evaluate them with their account, and share experiences with other users.

(3) There is no legal right to membership in the community. The operator of reserves the right to refuse accounts without justification (unrestricted house rights).

(4) Each account may only be used by the person who registered it. In addition, the owner of an account is responsible for the protection against his misuse and is obliged not to make the access data accessible to third parties. The username may not contain any legally protected terms, Internet addresses (or parts thereof), expressions of force or discriminatory words.

(5) The operator of makes every effort to allow the holders of an account full access to all functions at any time. However, no guarantee is given for this because a short-term failure cannot be excluded 100% for technical reasons.

(6) The operator of is permitted to carry out structural and content-related changes to the website or the user interface at any time, insofar as no or only insignificant changes are made to the user. For technical reasons, the system (or parts thereof) may be restricted in time.

(7) The purpose of the community is to create a public market of experiences and opinions in which users can share their experience in the field of online casinos. In order to ensure an effective exchange of information, all users should behave politely and refrain from personal hostility or insults.


(1) Each user of the community is responsible for the contents of the community and commits that all contributions do not violate legal regulations or good manners. It is not explicitly permitted to publish articles with the following contents:

  • Insults or vulgar language
  • Spam messages (copied text)
  • Links to other websites
  • Advertising in any form, including creeping
  • Articles or text passages from third parties
  • Own articles or text passages, which are already published on another website
  • Legally protected terms or images (in particular trademark protection and copyright!)

In addition, it is prohibited to publish identical (or only slightly modified) contributions in several places. Unauthorized acts, such as the manipulation of votes, are also prohibited. Users who operate an obvious voucher fraud can also get the vouchers retroactively.

(2) Each user is required to check his contributions before publishing, to see if they contain information that should not be accessible to the public. All articles are accessible worldwide after the publication and are accessible to search engines. There is no claim to a subsequent correction or deletion of the search engine entries.

(3) The operator of reserves the right to ban users in the event of a breach of one of the rules contained in § 3 paragraph (1), or to block accounts and remove content in case of repeated offense.

(4) Furthermore, there is only a reasonable and reasonable suspicion that the operator should be blocked because of a breach of the general conditions of use on the part of the operator. The user can revoke the suspension at any time.

(5) In the event that a third party or other user of prompts the Operator for any possible breaches of the law, either from the contributions you have published as User (or from the use of all functions of the Operator by you as a User), you agree to indemnify the Operator from all claims, including damages claims, and to indemnify and indemnify the for any costs incurred as a result of any violation of the right.


(1) All content created by the user must be released by the team prior to publication. Once the post has been verified and approved, the user will be notified by e-mail. Comments that are defamatory, non-factual or do not correspond to our principle of "user help users" are excluded from the publication, complaints or problems with a provider can be clarified and resolved in our problem solving forum.

(2) At, users who contribute to the improvement of the information exchange by actively participating in voting or commenting are rewarded with bonus points. The daily punctuation per user is 200 points. Just like the vouchers, the bonus points of users, who have obviously got points, can be recognized again.


The user always retains the copyright for the contributions he has made, insofar as they are protected. However, the User grants to the Operator, with the publication of content, that the user may leave the contributions on the website unrestricted. The usage rights of the contributions also exist after a termination of the user account. Furthermore, the team reserves the right to postpone, edit or remove any User’s contributions.

§ 6 LIMITATION OF LIABILITY makes no representations or warranties for the use or reliance of information provided by users. The operator of is liable for negligence, intent and a violation of the basic contractual obligation. The fundamental contractual obligations are those which ensure that the fulfillment of a contract is made possible and that the user as well as the operator may rely on it. The operator of is not liable for minor negligent violations of the subsidiary obligations.


(1) This Agreement is valid for an unlimited period.

(2) Both the User and may terminate the Agreement at any time and without notice.

(3) Once the Community Usage Agreement has been terminated, is entitled to block access to the Community. The content set by the user can be removed by the operator or left on The user is not entitled to a transfer of his contents by the operator.


If a provision in these general conditions of use is or becomes ineffective, this does not affect the effectiveness of the remaining agreements.